Yujin why am I crying about your wedding after 11 years?

Yujin why am I crying about your wedding after 11 years?


Yu-jin showed tears at the sight of the couple holding a meeting and wedding 11 years after becoming a family member.

SBS variety show “Oh!” aired on June 19th In the second episode of “My Wedding,” a very special wedding scene between Song Dong-wook and Kim Eun-bi, who had not been able to hold a wedding for 11 years due to opposition from the bride’s grandmother, was revealed.

On the same day, Dong-wook went on a date alone to get close to the bride’s grandmother, who had closed her heart due to a sudden marriage decision at a young age. Dong-wook visited a food studio with his grandmother in an awkward atmosphere to make and serve his own braised short ribs.

During the cooking process, Dong-wook made a series of mistakes because he was nervous and sweated a lot. Nevertheless, Dong-wook tried to focus on cooking as if nothing had happened with a smile, and this scene moved his grandmother. The grandmother soon loosened her stiff face and drew tissues herself to wipe the sweat off Dong-wook’s hands, apologizing for the past, saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t accept it.” Dong-wook said, “I understand a hundred times and a thousand times,” touching the grandmother’s heart.

With the momentum, a meeting between the two families was held for the first time in 11 years. Eunbi’s grandmother, father, and Dongwook’s parents gathered together for the first time. At the meeting, the grandmother said, “I just hated my granddaughter. “I hate my granddaughter, so I hate her (Dong-wook) too,” he said, expressing his feelings, saying, “If my mother calls me once and says, ‘Oh, what about my children?’ I think half of them would have been solved.” Dong-wook’s parents said, “I didn’t think that far. I’m sorry,” he said.

The grandmother thought about her in-laws’ position for a while even though she was disappointed. “I don’t think you could have come because it’s not easy.” Yu-jin, who was watching this in another room, wiped away tears, saying, “Why am I crying now?” and Bong Tae-gyu understood, “My grandmother should have poured it out once.” The grandmother said, “I got my in-laws after 10 years,” expressing her completely melted heart.

Since then, the wedding of Dong-wook and Eun-bi has been held in everyone’s blessing. Jeju’s forest trail, no officiating ceremony, and Yoo Se-yoon was the host. The bouquet in the bride’s hand was Eugene’s work. The wedding song was sung by her grandmother’s favorite singers Geum Jandi and Yujin’s best friend, Bada. There was no place where the kkaebbokdan could not be reached.

When Dong-wook and Eun-bi entered, the grandmother said, “I love you, Eun-bi. Dongwook, I love you,” and the couple read the marriage pledge together. Following Eunbi’s father, the couple’s daughter Yejin gave the congratulatory speech. Thank you for giving birth and raising us. Congratulations on your marriage and I love you mom and dad so much,” Ye-jin said, making all the guests cry, including Eugene.

The client, Ye-jin, was more satisfied with the wedding than anyone else. After the wedding, Ye-jin said, “Other friends have never seen my mom and dad’s wedding, but I and my brother are happy to see my mom and dad’s wedding.” He then checked the wedding album with his mom, dad, and younger brother and decorated the wall, saying, “Yay, we have a wedding picture at home, too,” giving him a lump in his throat

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