Yubin from Wonder Girls will be on “Second World”.

Yubin from Wonder Girls will be on “Second World”.Joining the Vocal War


Group Wonder Girls singer Yubin shows off her charm as a vocalist through “Second World.”

Yu-bin has confirmed her appearance on JTBC’s new entertainment program “Second World.” In addition, Yubin’s teaser video “BOAT” was released for the first time on the 16th through KPOP JAMM YouTube channels and portal sites.

The released video begins with Yu-bin shaking her body to the beat in a dark room. Yu-bin’s colorful visuals, which appeared in casual costumes, overwhelmed the eyes for a moment, and Yu-bin’s unique charming voice flowed out, captivating eyes and ears at once.

“Boat,” reinterpreted by Yu-bin, created a mysterious and unique atmosphere with goldfish swimming in front of Yu-bin’s eyes like dreamy lyrics and Yu-bin’s silhouette as if singing in the deep sea.

Yu-bin’s irreplaceable mood left a strong impression even in a short amount.

“Second World” is a survival program in which rappers of South Korea’s leading girl group with not only rap but also vocal skills compete fiercely. It is gaining explosive expectations from global fans even before the first broadcast, with the aim of breaking the prejudice that rappers will lack singing skills and showing their vocal capabilities to their fullest extent to unfold the “second world” as an all-round artist.


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