Yubin, Brown + Khaki’s end of the century fashion…

Yubin, Brown + Khaki’s end of the century fashion…Soaking in the autumn mood


Singer Yu Vin, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, showed off her sexy autumn fashion.

Yu Vin posted several photos on her Instagram on the 12th, with a message saying, “Fall, stay a little longer.”

In the released photo, Yu Vin matched a brown color cropped fur cardigan with a khaki color cargo long skirt to complete the trendy end of the century fashion.

On top of that, he wore long boots and held a vivid color handbag to give a sensuous point.

In particular, Yu Vin drew attention by giving off a subtle sexy look with a slit point in the chest.

Meanwhile, Yubin is appearing on JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Second World’.

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