Yewon Lee Tae-im’s controversy over swearing

Yewon Lee Tae-im’s controversy over swearing is a lie if it wasn’t hard to mention


Jewelry-turned-actor Yewon mentioned the controversy over abusive language with actor Lee Tae-im in the past.

On KBS Cool FM radio’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show,” which aired on the 4th, Ye-won appeared in the “Master of Legend” section and showed off her talk.

Park Myung-soo said, “It was a hit in ‘No Turning Back Tak Jae-hoon’ and exceeded 5 million views.” 5 million views is not easy. More than 1 million people on YouTube have about three. Was it funny there?”

Umji said, “It’s not funny, but it was a variety show where I talked about myself after a long time. I think Tak Jae-hoon enjoyed watching it because he teased me well. I said. Park Myung-soo said, “Tak Jae-hoon is a genius.” “Do you want me to tease you here too?” “I’ll make you feel comfortable because this is a public broadcast,” he reassured. He also picked Tak Jae-hoon as a male entertainer who he thought was handsome when he saw him in person. Yewon said, “I’m surprised that you manage so well for your real age. “I think it’s because you live young.”

He also confessed to the director that he came out after being cast in the Netflix series “The Suriname.”

Yewon said, “I had a non-face-to-face audition because it was COVID-19 at the time. “I took a video and sent it to the production company, and I was cast after meeting the director during the final interview,” he said. “I asked the director if he knew about my past before filming.” In response, “The director knows.” He said, “It was a lot of strength because you clearly said, ‘What’s wrong with that?'” He also said, “He didn’t know he was from Jewelry. It was better for actress Yewon,” he added.

When a listener asked the question, “Yewon is a master of mental management,” he said, “That’s right. I think it’s important how I get my mind. He said, “I always think positively and even if something bad happens, I let it go, ‘I have to go through it all,’ or ‘how much better things are going to happen.'”

When Park Myung-soo mentioned the controversy over Lee Tae-im’s abusive language, he said, “If it wasn’t hard, it’s a lie. I had a hard time mentally, but now that I look back, I think it’s time to look back on me. I think there was a reason why it happened,” he said.

In response, Park Myung-soo said, “It’s fortunate that it happened then. If you wake up now, you won’t recover. Didn’t I become more mature. Life is a series of hardships every day. That will happen in the future. “It can be prevented in advance, and even if it happens, we can overcome it better,” he cheered.

I also remembered appearing in “Reply 1997” right after my debut with the word “master of jackpot” and acting as a couple with Kim Dong-joon in the “Love and War” idol episode.

Ye-won said, “I want to be a DJ, and my dream is to receive an award at an award ceremony later,” adding, “My role model is Um Jung-hwa.”

Meanwhile, Yewon had a conflict with Lee Tae-im on the set of “Tutoring the Same Age” in 2015. Lee Tae-im, who was outraged by Umji’s informal speech, poured out abusive language and eventually stopped filming. Yewon claimed that she never spoke informally and that Lee Tae-im unilaterally cursed, but she faced a backlash when a transcript containing the actual informal speech was released. Yewon’s comment to Lee Tae-im during the fight, “Unnie, I don’t like it,” is still being talked about. Since then, Yewon has been self-reflecting for years and has stopped all activities

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