Yerin from his girlfriend aria fascinating mystery twists

Yerin from his girlfriend aria fascinating mystery twists


Yerin, concept image to show appeal against the singer.

Yerin August 12, through official channels sns first solo debut, and to add a mini album ‘aria’ concept image opening of a hitch.

Yerin in the third concept image released first in yellow eye make-up and catch the eyes a point.Yerin is expressive of quiet sunshine have also slightly flatter a vague mood for some attention.

Another Yerin in the picture is blue tone, blue color dress and flowers lying on the dreamlike charm and graceful as a director like.As previously released spring the romance of a turnaround from an image concept that was full of dark purple felt glamorous atmosphere is anti-war and enhance the charm.

Yerin a total of four types of ‘aria’ released an image concept.Yerin, and have as much as image shows a different concept in his first mini album ‘aria’ What kind of music and visual showcase may wonder and growing.

Yerin, is 16 through a medley of (month) highlights music part of the title song ‘aria’ and songs from publicly available.

Yerin’s first mini album ‘aria’ is released on February 18 through various online music site six coming.

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