Yeo Esther

Yeo Esther was investigated by police for lowering her appearance

Yeo Esther was investigated by police for lowering her appearance. Tears after paying 36 million won

Yeo Esther

Yeo Esther, a family medicine specialist working as the CEO of a health functional food company, has given employees a huge bonus.

KBS2’s entertainment show “The Boss’s Ears Are Donkey Ears” (hereinafter “Donkey Ears”), which aired on the 19th, featured Yeo Esther holding an in-house seminar with employees.

On the same day, Yeo Esther received a report on the settlement of accounts from January to May, as well as a report on the attendance of each team. According to a report released on the same day, the home shopping team exceeded the target rate by 117%, and overseas teams successfully settled in the Chinese market, with sales rising 160% in May compared to April.

After the job report, Esther prepared a special event for her employees. Yeo Esther said, “We will make sure you get financial treatment,” and the new distribution team provided 1 million won in cash, 5 million won in accounting and nutrition counseling teams, product development teams, home shopping teams and overseas teams, and 10 million won in incentives.

Yeo Esther paid 36 million won in total. Jeon Hyun-moo admired, saying, “It’s the price of a car,” and Jang Yoon-jung said, “It feels better because it’s only 10,000 won.” I feel like I’m getting a brick,” he said.

Yeo Esther said, “It was very difficult to get here as a woman. When I wanted to let go of my life when I was having a hard time, I wouldn’t have come until now if you weren’t next to me,” he said with tears.

“Everyone thinks I’m a diamond spoon, but my colleague once left only 62,900 won in my bank account, and when the complaint came in, I had to go to the police station for five hours to be investigated.” I got it several times, too. I had a hard time raising the company,” he confessed.

He said, “My staff cried with me when I was having a hard time and laughed with me. I was really happy,” he said.

On the other hand, Yeo Esther told the female employees on last week’s broadcast, “I’m not two now, you guys are two.” “Your face is red and your eyes are swollen.” He then said to another employee, “I’m really sorry, but I think you’re gaining weight right now,” and was embroiled in a controversy over his appearance.

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