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Woo Young Woo sunshine on a spring day Ha Yoon Kyung tvN

Woo Young Woo sunshine on a spring day Ha Yoon Kyung tvN Please take good care of me in this life

Woo Young Woo

Ha Yoon-kyung of the drama “Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo” will appear in tvN’s new film “Let’s Take Care of This Life.”

According to OSEN coverage on the morning of the 25th, actor Ha Yoon-kyung received a love call from tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Let’s Take Care of This Life” and reviewed it positively, and decided to appear recently.

Ha Yoon-kyung will play the role of Cho Won, the younger brother of Yoon Joo-won, the previous life of the ring tone and the first love under the documentary, in the drama, and interest is growing as it is the next film after “Woo Young-woo.”

Currently, Ha Yoon-kyung is showing solid acting skills by dividing into lawyer Choi Soo-yeon on the ENA channel “Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo.” He is working with Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), an autistic lawyer, as a fellow at law school and a close friend of a law firm in Hanbada, and is enjoying high popularity, especially by gaining the nickname “Sunshine on a Spring Day.”

In addition to “Let’s Take Care of This Life,” Ha Yoon-kyung is known to be receiving love calls from various works thanks to the popularity of “Woo Young-woo.”

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Let’s Take Care of This Life,” depicts the story of the main character who lives his 19th life while remembering his past life, meeting the man of fate in the 18th life. Shin Hye-sun and Ahn Bo-hyun were nominated as the main characters, while Choi Young-rim and Min Ye-ji wrote the script, and Lee Na-jung, director of “Fight, My Way” and “Mine” were in charge of directing

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