Will the era of Bill Romantic, who wants to retire from Washington

Will the era of Bill Romantic, who wants to retire from Washington, come back?


Washington Wizards franchise star Bradley Bill wants to remain a Wizards forever.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Bradley Bill expressed his desire to continue his career in Washington and retire from Washington.

Currently, the 2020-2021 season schedule is now receiving hot love calls from various teams, who performed crazy performances in the season. They include the Los Angeles Lakers, where LeBron James and Anthony Davis are still strong, the Philadelphia 76ers led by Joel Embed, and the Boston Celtics, one of the Eastern powers.

Bill showed off his outstanding scoring performance in the 2020-2021 season, as he competed with Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors as the top scorer. Both the average score (31.3 points) and the average field pitch rate (48.5 percent) recorded career high, while the success rate of 3-point shots (34.9 percent) also showed excellent outside ability equivalent to 35 percent. In terms of scoring, he has established himself as a superstar with the league’s best skills.

With not only his ability to create shot space but also his ability to play-making if necessary, Bill has become an all-essential player as a scoring ace with clutch control. In other words, it has become the best piece to match any team.

However, despite Bill’s personal growth, the team has each received a shabby report card of early elimination from the Eastern Conference. In the past three years, the previous 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons, excluding this season, have failed to advance to the playoffs, and the first round of elimination has also been eliminated since Russell Westbrook joined the team.

In the upcoming 2021-2022 season, Bill will become a veteran player of 10 years with the age of 30. No matter how much Bill has great affection and loyalty to the team called Washington, he is thirsty for victory, but if the team’s strength is not strengthened, complaints will inevitably build up.

In fact, rumors among league officials that Bill asked the team to trade were leaked, and circumstances were detected that the Bill was shaking. According to a report by Adrian Woznarowski of ESPN, Bill is seriously thinking about his future and wants to win.

Bill said he might consider leaving Washington if Washington decides to trade Westbrook. Washington also added that it will aim to rebuild when a trade request comes from the Bill.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks have created a miracle of winning with franchise stars in the modern league where super teams play. Will Bill, who hopes to remain Washington’s eternal franchise star, be able to win the championship with Washington and open the NBA’s romantic era once again?

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