Jeong Ryeo-won

Will Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi who kept their loyalty

Will Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi who kept their loyalty, accompany their best friend who won’t attend the wedding?

Jeong Ryeo-won

Will Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi, known as famous close friends in the entertainment industry, maintain their relationship with the same family?

On the 12th, Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi’s current agency H&Entertainment reported on the renewal of Jeong Ryeo-won’s contract. They agreed to continue their ten-year loyalty. However, Son’s move has not yet been made public.

Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi have been together since their former agency, KeyEast. When Hong Min-ki, then vice president, founded H&Entertainment, his best friend accompanied him

Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi, who reported the contract side by side in September 2020. The two maintained a special relationship with each other as they were singers-turned-actors. On each other’s birthdays, they showed off their tightness enough to hold a party and take a commemorative photo shoot.

However, in August 2021, a change occurred between Son Dam-bi and Jeong Ryeo-won. A different atmosphere has been detected as the two are suspected of receiving gifts and cash attacks from fake fisheries in Pohang

At that time, H&Entertainment, which has both Jeong Ryeo-won and Son Dam-bi, was in trouble. Jung Yeo-won and Son Dam-bi were celebrities who were involved with fake fisheries in Pohang. The agency was busy explaining what had happened between the two.

The two even revealed their comfortable visits to each other’s houses until the allegations arose. An explanation for the allegations was announced, but the relationship between the two drastically drastically grew apart.

And after a year, H&Entertainment was in a difficult position again. Jeong Ryeo-won did not attend Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk’s wedding in May under the pretext of her schedule. The group, which had frequently hung out with Son Dam-bi and Jeong Ryeo-won for many years, was also not seen among the guests. The fact that they didn’t attend a once-in-a-lifetime wedding made me guess that the relationship between the two had gone awry

In the end, H&Entertainment delivered the reason for Jeong Ryeo-won’s absence to prevent Son Dam-bi’s wedding noise. He even shared Son Dam-bi’s main picture and finished it safely.

In July 2022, Jeong Ryeo-won held H&Entertainment’s hand again. What kind of decision did Son Dam-bi make? Will they remain as a family member of H&Entertainment along with Jeong Ryeo-won? I’m curious about Son Dambi’s choice

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