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Who is the “ready team” selected by the top Major League agent?

Who is the “ready team” selected by the top Major League agent?

Major League

Major League Baseball agent Scott Boras mentioned the Chicago Cubs, causing mixed reactions from local Internet users.

Boras mentioned the FA market at the annual general manager meeting in Las Vegas on the 9th (local time).

“The FA market is like a competition for carnivores,” Boras said. “It’s different from the usual perspective. It’s an incredibly healthy competition,” he said.

“Many teams seem to be aggressively discussing my customers in advance,” he added. “In that sense, Chicago seems to be a well-prepared team for the 2023 season.”

As for this reason, he explained, “I think Chicago’s minor league system provides as many services as Chicago’s major players need to succeed.”

Meanwhile, Chicago President Jed Hoyer refuted the “intelligent spending” emphasized on the day, saying, “It’s too far for me,” adding, “I want to say that baseball’s intelligence is a measure of probability.”

After the remarks were made public, there was a heated debate among local Internet users. Some Internet users claimed that Boras’ division will prioritize the contracts of major players such as Carlos Correa (28), Xander Bogartz (30), Josh Bell (30), and Carlos Rodon (29), who were released as FA.

On the other hand, other Internet users refuted Rodon that Texas Rangers has already become the mainstream opinion, and other teams have yet to express their exact opinions.

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