United is now time to break up cb who want to leave

United is now time to break up cb who want to leave.


They are disregarded by the director of Manchester United defender hopes to leave the team in the summer.

On December 6 (Korean time), Britain is Eric by a defender and Phil Jones of Manchester United of Manchester United team that inform colleagues that he was thinking of leaving.

Both players have when Ole Gunnar Solskjær of England club signed contract extension with.Jones is 2019, four-year contract extension in February agreed to build it, and by 2021 in the spring of new contracts.

But after the first time that Park two players were suffering from injury and Rafael didn’t ask, Harry Maguire, Victor rindel is reduced playing time, the moderation of rope 토토추천

In addition, 2021, Solskjaer coach Ralf Rangnick and be replaced interim coach after his inauguration two players were being neglected.Rangnick is in particular, by 1 after his inauguration in Gyeonggi Province didn’t.

Jones and in this post by the new coach, Eric Ten, which is slated to leave the team in the end of this season rather than be judged by haeu players known to have to pass on to a doctor.

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