Um Jung Hwa

Um Jung Hwa Lee Sang Soon Lee Hyori and tired loyalty

Um Jung Hwa Lee Sang Soon Lee Hyori and tired loyalty and warm consolation

Um Jung Hwa

All-round entertainer Um Jung-hwa kept her “best friend loyalty” with Lee Hyo-ri.

Um Jung-hwa appeared as a senior and reliable supporter of the music industry, whom Lee Hyo-ri trusts and relies on in the TVing “Seoul Check-in,” which was first released as a pilot in January this year.

Eom Jeong-hwa captivated viewers through her rich expression of affection and sincere conversation. In particular, I sincerely listened to Lee Hyo-ri’s concerns as an artist. When asked by Lee Hyo-ri, “How did you survive without your sister?” she answered calmly, “I don’t know, I drank.”

The scene that made Lee Hyo-ri cry reminded me of Um Jung-hwa’s hard and intense time when she had to break her prejudice as a female dance singer in the past and pioneer a new path at every starting point.

He continued to meet with Kim Wan-sun, BoA, and Hwa-sa to form a “dance singer wandering group” to announce the birth of a legendary union with a total activity period of 124 years. Eom Jeong-hwa watched the legendary stage video together and showed her praise for each and every one of them. Through this, not only singer Uhm Jung-hwa but also human Uhm Jung-hwa’s good and lovely charm could be seen.

He also appeared with Lee Jung-eun, who worked together in the recently ended drama “Our Blues,” revealing the behind-the-scenes story of the drama. Lee Hyo-ri said that Eun-hee’s character played by Lee Jung-eun resembles Uhm Jung-hwa, and in reality, she expressed her affection for Uhm Jung-hwa, saying, “She doesn’t go if I tell her to come and go.”

As if proving to be such a best friend, Eom Jeong-hwa sent a lunch box to the filming site of Short Film’s “Human Smell Lee Hyo-ri” for Lee Hyo-ri, who is challenging acting after a long time with Lee Jung-eun.

In addition, Eom Jeong-hwa added meaning by working on the OST for the first time in five years since 2017 with “Seoul Check-in.” Released in April this year, “From Winter to Winter” combines with the healing sensibility of “Seoul Checkin” with its unique delicate and pure voice, realizing its achievement as a singer in its 30th year of debut.

Eom Jeong-hwa filled the program by decorating the Seoul Check-in from the beginning to the end. He finished filming the movie “The Bright Girl” and is about to be released. Attention is focused on his future moves.

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