U-quiz Kwang-hee Infinite Challenge

I had no choice but to confess for the first time in public opinion that I was released from U-quiz Kwang-hee Infinite Challenge


Kwang-hee confessed her difficult feelings by referring to “Infinite Challenge.”

In tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “You Quiz”) on the 15th, Kwang-hee, a former child of the Empire, appeared as a guest and reunited with Yoo Jae-seok, who worked together on “Infinite Challenge.”

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok greeted Kwang-hee fiercely, saying, “Thank you for Kwang-hee’s willingness to appear,” and Kwang-hee smiled from the beginning, saying, “I definitely wanted to come out because Lim Si-wan came out before.”

On the other hand, Yoo Jae-seok asked, “I heard that Kwang-hee has been told to be a celebrity since he was young,” and Kwang-hee boasted, “I danced since I was young, participated in talent shows, and I was a popular cheering squad with my juniors in high school.”

However, Kwang-hee made her debut after five years of idol training, but unlike when she was young, she experienced the humiliation of “part 3 seconds.” In response, Kwang-hee said, “I was very upset. When I was preparing for an idol, I also had a dream of performing a great performance. I can sing and dance better than you think. So I worked hard, but the part came for about three seconds,” he said.

However, Kwang-hee appeared in the entertainment show “Three Wheels” and confessed to plastic surgery and burst out laughing. In this regard, Kwang-hee said, “There is nothing good about idol images talking about plastic surgery. It was ambiguous to hide the past pictures when they would come out right away. Rather, I thought I should talk about it, and since I came out on entertainment shows on behalf of the members, I thought let’s be honest and have fun. It was always desperate. “I did it out of desperation,” he said.

In fact, Kwang-hee actively promoted each member when casting for an entertainment program. He said, “The album didn’t meet my expectations a little. “I brought out all the members because I was sad,” he said, touching everyone by referring to his desperate broadcasting life in the past.

In particular, Kwang-hee drew attention by confessing her extraordinary pain in becoming a new member of the best entertainment program “Infinite Challenge.” “Until ‘Infinite Challenge,’ many people visited and loved it,” he said. It was not an easy opportunity, so I went in to the point where I was told that I was born with a thousand luck, but it was so difficult. It took a long time to adapt and received a lot of feedback. “I picked it out, but it’s not good.” “This is the limit of Kwanghee.” “I thought I could be released,” he said, revealing his hard work.

Fortunately, however, he was able to revive himself by struggling through the open pursuit. Kwang-hee said about the time, “It was like a dream. He gave me a lot of compliments and human consolation. I really appreciated it. I’m so sorry if it’s not fun just because I went in. I had no choice but to work hard,” he said.

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