TWICE magic that attracts love…”Moonlight Sunrise” reveals..

TWICE magic that attracts love…”Moonlight Sunrise” reveals dance moves like spring breeze.

TWICE first performed its English new song “Moonlight Sunrise.”

TWICE will release its English single “Moonlight Sunrise” simultaneously around the world on the 20th. The agency JYP Entertainment first released the music video teaser video on its official SNS channel on the 17th, followed by the second music video teaser that included some performances at 2 p.m. on the 18th, catching fans’ attention.


In the teaser, TWICE announced a fantastic performance with a gesture that attracts love like magic. The dance line, reminiscent of the gentle spring breeze, raised the excitement index of viewers with charm.

“Moonlight Sunrise” is an original English single released in about a year and three months after the first English single “The Fields” on October 1, 2021, drawing attention from global fans. The new song features a lyrical message that compares the feeling of love and excitement to the moonlight and the rising sun, and the group’s original loveliness stands out.

Last year, TWICE re-established its status as a “global top girl group” with clear achievements on the U.S. Billboard. The first mini-album “I am Nayeon,” released by TWICE’s first soloist Nayeon in June 2022, achieved the highest weekly album sales and the first top 10 in K-pop solo artist history on Billboard 200. In August, the entire album “Beatwin One & Two” ranked third on the chart, making it the third Billboard 200 top 10. They will start their global career in 2023 with their new original English single.

TWICE will release its English single “Moonlight Sunrise” at 2 p.m. on the 20th. In March, it will release a new mini-album containing ‘Moonlight Sunrise’.

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