Treatment of dental implant complications Abutment breakage

Treatment of dental implant complications Abutment breakage


Before I explain the complications of dental implants, the implant has a fixture part, and this future is the part that heals between the lonely bones and goes in for another 10 years Come when the bones stick together It becomes one with integration If you do that like your own teeth, you’re going to have a system called an abutment that corresponds to the head of your teeth

If you look here, there’s a hexagon shape even if you don’t do it. There’s a hexagon on the other side, so if you don’t make it, it’s not completely tied If it doesn’t fit, it can’t be fastened, and if it fits, it’s going to be completely solved by entering your daughter’s cacao. In this state, you put it in and secure the texture and abutment

It’s actually dipped in human hands at first, but when you like the final screw, it’s more than 30 meters, so it’s tight, and then it’s going to be tight, and without any consent, I’m going to be able to fasten it very firmly If the screw is loosened through bad engagement or lateral force or tooth grinding, the crown itself in the abutment area above will shake

If I explain it in another way, the entire crown and abbottment that were standing will shake If you shake it early and find it tight again, you can use it safely, but if it doesn’t last long, it’s either inside or it’s broken, or if you look at the abutment, your whole wife is separated into the abutment value, or if it’s thin, we have a lot

Molar teeth usually have a diameter of 5.0 or more and a thin one of 3.5 or less So, in the case of thin books, 5.02 books may be the case, but if this force is strong, the ideal couple itself sometimes breaks apart In that case, you can go to a situation where you have to remove and hide a new one

Actually, the crown was a little shaky, so I took the screw off, and I looked at the screw, and I was sleepy, and I looked at it, and unfortunately, the screw was wrong, but the abutment was broken, and the neck was broken on the abutment 정품 비아그라

Even in that case, you could be eliminated and there could be many reasons It’s important to find those things early, and if you see something shaking with a slight force from time to time, or if you notice something shaking when you use it, make sure to do it quickly and take appropriate measures again

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