Torres Arsenal transfer rumours Barcelona..

Torres Arsenal transfer rumours Barcelona to recruit replacement in EPL


Barcelona may send 22-year-old striker Ferran Torres away. Torres, who has been pushed out of the starting line-up this season, is being called by an English Premier League club.

Torres left Manchester City last winter to join Barcelona. In his first season, he played half of the game, scoring four points in 18 La Liga matches. However, he was unable to secure time to play this season due to his prominent competitors. During his 14 games, he has not been able to play 600 minutes and is rumored to be transferred.

The latest destination is the English Premier League. Spanish media predicted that Barcelona would secure funds by selling players to overcome financial difficulties. Torres is also considered a candidate for the sale, and Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are said to have shown interest. Torres still has more than four years left in his contract.

Tottenham Hotspur’s offer to Barcelona is 35 million euros, which has set Fernando ransom between 40 million euros (54.4 billion won) and 50 million euros.

Fernando transfer has not been decided, but Barcelona quickly sought a replacement. Striker Wilfred Zaha, who plays for Crystal Palace, has been nominated. Spain’s “Pichahes” reported that Barcelona has predicted Zaha as a substitute for Fernando, whose future is uncertain.

Zaha is spending his 13th season with Crystal Palace this season, scoring six goals and three assists in 15 league games.

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