Toronto failed to recover 169.8 billion won, but it was devastatingly

Toronto failed to recover 169.8 billion won, but it was devastatingly destroyed and became the home run factory manager in June


169.776 billion won. It’s a very expensive amount. I don’t know if the Toronto Blue Jays can recover this amount.

Jose Berrios started the away game against the Milwaukee Blues in the 2022 Major League Baseball at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the 27th (Korea time), and lost four losses (5 wins) of the season with eight hits (2 home runs) and one strikeout and eight walks.

Berrios is smashed again. He took the mound with a three-run lead in the first inning, but immediately allowed three runs. After giving up a walk to leadoff hitter Christian Yelich, he threw a 95-mile four-seam to Rudy Telez and was hit by a two-run shot in the chase. Since then, the 93-94-mile four-seam has continued to lead to a regular hit, allowing an additional one run.

In the second inning, I got a disastrous blow. Telez, who hit a home run in the first inning, gave up a two-run homer to Woo Jung-wol while playing on a curve this time. Four-seam, two-seam, and change-up were all disobedient. The ball control was not good and there was a constant rush to hit. He caught two outs in the third inning, but was replaced relentlessly when he faced a crisis with a walk and a walk.

In an away game against the Chicago White Sox on the 21st, Berrios allowed nine hits, three home runs, one strikeout, one walk, and six runs in four innings. In other words, he lost a lot of runs in two consecutive games and failed to fill five innings. The June results are shocking. He has two wins and two losses in five games and a 6.28 ERA with 20 runs in 28이닝 innings 토토추천

On a large scale, it has been sluggish for two consecutive months following one win, two losses and a 7.01 ERA in five games in May. In particular, he hit eight home runs this month. The figure is close to nine home runs from April to May. Seventeen home runs of the season are problematic. He is not like a pitcher who receives a huge amount of $131 million over seven years.

At this point, we should reconsider whether Toronto’s investment in Berios was justified. Ryu Hyun-jin’s season out, Berrios’ sluggishness, and Kevin Gausman’s difficulty in June virtually collapsed the starting lineup. Alec Manoa has a Cy Young season, but Manoa cannot take the mound every day.

Toronto lost 3-10 to Milwaukee, 40 wins and 32 losses, ranking third in the American League East. He is now behind the Boston Red Sox in second place. It is 12 games behind the leading New York Yankees. It’s time to focus on the wild card race. It is essential to recruit starting pitchers from outside.

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