TOMORROW X TOGETHER second world tour since their debut..

TOMORROW X TOGETHER second world tour since their debut.March Starts in Seoul


TOMORROW X TOGETHER will meet global fans through the world tour “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE.”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI) released the poster of TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR (hereinafter referred to as “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE”) and the official website of the tour on its official SNS and global fandom platform Weverse on the 16th, and announced the news of “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE INEOL.”

Starting with Seoul performances on March 25-26, TOMORROW X TOGETHER`s will hold a total of 21 performances in Singapore on March 1st, Taipei on April 5th, Osaka on April 14-15th, Saitama on April 18-19th, Kanagawa on May 26th, Aichi on May 6th, Charlotte on May 6th, Belmont Park on May 10th, Washington D.C. on 19-20th, Duluth 23-24th, and San Antonio on the 27th.

This is an expansion from the first world tour “ACT: LOVE SICK,” which was held 19 times in 13 cities last year. In particular, on the official website of the “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” tour, a button called “MORE TO COME” was created at the bottom of the tour guide, leaving room for the performance to be added.

While it is expected to breathe and deeply interact with fans around the world, the ACT: SWEET MIRAGE IN SEOUL, which will open the curtain on the long journey, will be held at KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul, for two days from March 25th to 26th. Both performances in Seoul will be conducted simultaneously with offline performances and online live streaming.

Meanwhile, TOMORROW X TOGETHER`s will make a comeback with their 5th mini-album ‘Chapter of Name: TEMPTION’ on the 27th.

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