Tom Cruise Daughter Suri Inherits Superior Genes

Tom Cruise Daughter Suri Inherits Superior Genes and Style Icon


The recent status of Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri Cruise (16) has been revealed.

On the 30th (Korea Standard Time), U.S. entertainment media Backgrid released a photo showing the recent status of Suri Cruise, the daughter of Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

According to reports, Suri Cruise enjoyed shopping alone in New York, USA.

Foreign media said, “Suri Cruise wore an olive-green jacket and jeans. Tom Cruise’s daughter is becoming a style icon.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes divorced actor Tom Cruise in August 2012. Katie Holmes is living in New York with Suri Cruz after her divorce 부산출장마사지

Tom Cruise has also been embroiled in rumors that he has not seen his daughter for eight years, citing religious scientology

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