This trick is 351.3 billion people who are still rehabilitating in LAA

This trick is 351.3 billion people who are still rehabilitating in LAA are seeking to return to the headache


The LA Angels are reportedly rushing to return Anthony Rendon, who is on the injured list.

Rendon underwent wrist surgery in June and is practically finishing the season and rehabilitating. However, the Angels are working on putting him on the active roster at the end of the season.

The Angels removed Rendon from the 60-day injured list on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) and registered it on the 40-man roster. Instead, first baseman Mike Ford was designated as a designated allocation measure (DFA) and excluded from the roster.

Why is he trying to get Rendon back, who hasn’t even finished his rehabilitation?

Rendon was suspended for five games by the Major League Baseball secretariat for participating in an aggressive scuffle during a bench-clearing match against the Seattle Mariners on June 27. Rendon was on the 10-day injured list due to a left wrist injury at the time.

However, in order to take disciplinary action, he must be released from the injured list and registered on the active roster. Before that, it was moved to a 40-man roster on that day.

The Angels plan to allow Rendon to take disciplinary action within this season. Only then can he be used in practice from the opening game of next season. The Angels, who failed to advance to the postseason again this year, must make a double effort next season and somehow perform. Shohei Otani is also virtually the last season in the Angels ahead of the FA next year.

In December 2019, Rendon, who signed an FA contract for $245 million (about 351.3 billion won) and wore an Angels uniform, suffered various injuries after the transfer, becoming a headache for the club. I hope I can play full time with a healthy body from next year 안전공원

The pace of rehabilitation in Rendon is now faster than expected. Recently, he also played live betting. The move is aimed at somehow returning to the active roster before the end of this season to face a five-game suspension. I can’t run properly anyway, so I just have to keep the bench.

The Angels have eight games to go before the Oakland Athletics on October 6, the final day of the season. Rendon’s return is expected to be Oct. 2, with five games remaining.

Rendon batted .228 with five home runs, 24 RBIs and an OPS 0.707 in 45 games this season

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