There’s a fly bug in my eye I can see a fly in my

There’s a fly bug in my eye


I can see a fly in my eye, but it’s right here I can’t catch them moving every time I turn my eyes There’s something in your eye, so you have to take it out. You’re coming to the hospital, and you don’t get it because there’s something in your eye, but the ophthalmologist says that it’s also a phenomenon in your eye

It comes out even when people with bad eyesight It’s not whether myopia is old, but I can’t tell people who have bad eyesight to make a regressive call. People who have bad eyesight have bad eyesight since they’re young, and if they’re in their 450s, they can show up even if they have good eyesight

The door can lead to blindness I saw him floating around yesterday, so I thought it was because I saw him yesterday, but when I came to the hospital, it fell on the retina I don’t know if my eyesight will come out even if I get an emergency surgery That’s what happens

It’s because when you have an epidural, there’s a part of the retina at the back of your eye that fills the retina, and if you’re nearsighted, older, or have surgery on your eyes, you’re out of the world

That’s right. It’s okay when you buy a wall tape, but when you open a confirmed patient, there’s a hole When a vitreous man comes out of the water, he bites the retina and falls, and the important thing is that there’s no nerve in the retina that feels pain at all, because it doesn’t hurt at all

I want the hole to stay still after it’s opened, but I told you it’s water. If the glass car goes in too many holes, it keeps widening and falling I left it at the corner of the wall, but it kept falling because it was hot and cold I thought it was just normal, and when I saw the wall on one side of the wall, I got upset

If you look at the white bottle in a bright place, you can’t see it well when it’s dark, and when it’s dark, you can’t see it well. It’s said that people with inscriptions are eating light, so you can see it shining This is also an epistemology, so if you ignore it, it will fade and you can’t see it

Now I can’t live because of this, nevertheless There are people who get neurosis Get psychiatric treatment, get a hole in your eye, and you said earlier that the organism turned into water and that the most unaltered state is an epistemology If you drill a hole in your eye and remove all the contents through a vitreous resection, the inscription will go away 비아그라파는곳

It’s one of the big surgeries for a vitreous resection in the ophthalmology department of surgery It’s a surgery in a university hospital, right? I don’t recommend treatment because vitreous resection can cause retinal detachment and money can bring cataract or other diseases

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