The youngest announcer Kim Soomin announced her marriage

The youngest announcer Kim Soomin announced her marriage. I’m so happy to see if it’s a dream or not


Kim Soo-min expressed his feelings about joining the first fixed entertainment program.

On the 4th, Kim Soo-min, a former announcer, posted a photo on his Instagram with a message saying, “I’m excited because it’s my first time to be fixed on an entertainment show.”

In the photo released, Kim Soo Min recently appeared on MBN’s entertainment show, “Ah!” An article about joining ‘I’m Free’ is captured. Kim Soo-min, who joined the fixed entertainment for the first time, feels full of excitement.

Then Kim Soo-min said, “And… With the announcers who are full of things to learn! Is it a dream or not? I’m more nervous because I prepared the first episode as an observation variety show. I believe you will look at it with pretty eyes, and I will try to say only pretty words and funny things.”

Meanwhile, announcer Kim Soo-min was born in 1997 and joined SBS as the 24th announcer at the age of 21 in 2018, winning the title of the youngest announcer.

He also made headlines for his surprise announcement that he quit his job last year after three years in the company and recently got married.

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