The target elementary superintendent of the Song Joong-seok

The target elementary superintendent of the Song Joong-seok, and hold ♥ and hold


The three-year-old award ceremony was completed in 2022.In particular, three companies who settle the terrestrial drama drama, has been more sweet love confession.

At the center, there were Lee Jongseok (34) in the center.Lee Jong-seok, who won the target as “Bigmaus” held on December 30, last year, Lee Jong-seok, said on December 30th last year.

After winning the target trophy, Lee Jong-seok, who won the second target trophy in six years after winning the target trophy in six years after winning the “Big Maius” and he was in six years.There’s something I want to make this place.Thank you for always so nice.I confessed that I loved a lot, so I love you.

Then, I thought, “I’m going to live a little more hard guy.”I had a lot of half of the day.”I’ll try to become a better actor,” adding, “I’ll be a good actor to be a good actor.”

Lee Jong-seok, who won the highest award ceremony, was interested in the same target award for Lee Jong-seok left.He said, “I like a lot of years old singer.” He’s a four-year-old singer.The news of Lee Jong-seok’s fever was reported.Both people recognized the official birth of Seonnam Sun Nam Sun Nam-sun, and announced the official birth of the top star couples.Two people breathe with SBS’s “Inkigay” MC in 2012, and joined the MC.In other words, the age of 10 years, it was developed through lovers.

In the “2022 KBS postponement Awards” held on the 31st, “Tae Jong-wook and KBS2’s “Tae Jong-won” held on the 31st.to go to the agency disputeI think Lee Seung-ki (36) has left the head of a new film shooting, and he should not be able to find the right after 20 years, saying, “We should not be able to find this place.”There was no mention of lovers.

The side of love, “YOUNG WOOWOOK (45).He also led to the KBS Dae Ha-ha, who had to endure a unique pressure in five years.Joo Sang-wook was so hard to be so hard to feel that the weight and heavy pressure is not alone.But I think I was always able to cheer up like my family, so many seniors, so I think it was able to wrap up well.Thank you so much.I hope this award will be together.” Thank you.

In particular, Joo Sang-wook, who confessed his love to his wife Cha Ye-wook, who confessed love to his wife Cha Ye-wook.”I always feel like the last time.”I love my wife Cha Yeyeon, who always cheered me up.”

At the end, Cha Ye-yeon also won the excellent award for women’s daily dramas, and couples were overlapping.Cha Ye-yeon enjoyed joy and enjoyed joy and joyfully enjoying joy and joy.In the next day, “When you’re watching TV, my son Joo Sang-wook, son Joo Sang-wook, son Joo Sang-wook and December.”I love you for the first time,” “Thank you for the first time,” saying, “Thank you for 8 months.” “Thank you for 8 months.”I loved her favorite husband “Lee Bang Won-wook” in this world’s favorite husband’s “Lee Bang Won-wook.”

In fact, the winner of the “The target” award ceremony, the actor Song Joong-ki, who played JTBC’s “The youngest son of Jae-gi’s youngest son of JTBC’s best popular drama.The next day, the drama Jong-young, who recognized the British girlfriend, who recognized the English girlfriend and passionately left the theme of TVN drama “bin sensor” on September 30, last year.

He said, “I’m watching in the world, mother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, brother, and antenna, and antenna.I wanted to tell you that I really love you so precious to my friends.At the end, the British actor Katie Lewis, who was named as a lover of Song Joong-ki, was named Maya, and antenna called the antenna.Song Joong-ki’s agency is keeping silence, saying, “It is difficult to confirm that other information.”

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