The reason why you shouldn’t wet your toothbrush when brushing

The reason why you shouldn’t wet your toothbrush when brushing your teeth.


People usually brush their teeth three times a day. As it is a routine that repeats every time, it is easy to neglect the way you brush your teeth. However, you may have the wrong brushing habit, so be careful.

First of all, it is better not to get water on your toothbrush when brushing your teeth. Toothpaste active ingredients can be diluted in water and thus ineffective. Also, if you put too much water on it, bubbles will occur more than necessary, and you will be mistaken for brushing your teeth well even if you don’t brush your teeth properly.

After brushing your teeth, rinse thoroughly until toothpaste is not left in your mouth. Toothpaste is especially easy to leave on the tongue, so after brushing your teeth, stick out your tongue and wipe the inside with a toothbrush.

Salt is often used when toothpaste runs out, which is undesirable. This is because there is a lack of research that proves that salt is effective in removing oral bacteria. In addition, salt grains can injure your gums. In particular, brushing salt after implant surgery increases the risk of infection by wounding the surgical area. However, it is worth considering how to coat the teeth with salt water when using dental floss or toothbrush. This means that if toothpaste is applied to dental floss or toothbrush, teeth can’t be easily worn and used, so it can be used as a second best solution.

Toothpaste with grains needs to be careful. Most toothpaste grains are very small with a diameter of less than 1 mm, but in patients with gum inflammation, the grains are embedded deep into the gums and need to be removed through surgery.

It is also helpful to avoid the ‘synthetic surfactant’ component of toothpaste considering safety. Surfactants are responsible for washing and foaming the grease on the surface of the teeth. A typical synthetic surfactant is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

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