The reason why there’s a lot of cold (vaginal secretions)

The reason why there’s a lot of cold (vaginal secretions)


It’s naengmyeon. You’ve heard of it a lot It’s a mysterious liquid that’s on my underwear It’s called vaginal secretions In general, people say it’s cold

It’s a secret product that can be produced by any woman, but it depends on the person It comes out a lot or sometimes it’s not enough. Did you know that it’s a problem if there’s too much naengmyeon or if there’s

I told you that it’s a secretion from cold nitrogen, but even if it’s sticky, it’s not too sticky It’s either transparent, or it’s a little milky, white, and I know it’s coming from this cold vagina, but what does it do? To find out how it works, we need to find out what the ingredients are

Vaginal secretions are mostly from the vagina or from the cervix In the first woman in childbearing age, the ovaries usually release a hormone called estrogen The vaginal wall secretes the sugar-containing mucus so that the mucus can be eaten by the lactic acid bacteria living inside But now some of them are secreted, so they can come out Second, the sugar lactobacillus secreted by the disease secrete a secondary secretion to keep the vagina healthy Third, depending on the menstrual cycle, when ovulation occurs, mucus is secreted into the schedule in this cervix This mucus becomes the third secretion

First, when estrogen releases sugar from the disease and vaginobacillus releases ovulation, three mucus from the cervix are combined to come out of the road, which is called cold, and it becomes vaginal secretions It moisturizes and softens the inner mucous membrane for a few days, so it’s shown from physical friction or from the mountains, it’s a good food for the lactic acid bacteria, creating an environment for them to live well, and preventing them from proliferating

So, how well is the cold normal to have this role? Normal secretion is normal to have a little bit of it on your underwear just before menstruation or during ovulation. It stays inside the vagina during other menstrual cycles, but it’s normal to have it out for about two to three days

On the other hand, even though my period is not the period of my period, I have cold on my underwear every day. I think you can say that this is a bit too much vaginal secretions But when you have a marital relationship or a sex relationship, it’s normal for you to be secreted by sexual excitement to temporarily lubricate the vagina and show it from friction

But even though I’m not excited, and even though I’m not on my period, if I get something on my face, I think it’s an unhealthy situation And it can also be a problem if you have a cold and some special symptoms come with it As I said before, normal coldness is normal when the color is transparent or it’s a little milky, and it comes out on the pad 비아그라파는곳

If it smells bad, or if it’s itchy, or if the color itself has a unique color, like yellow, brown, and light green, you can think of it as a problematic symptom It can also be a problem if the secretions are high enough to moisten your underwear even if you don’t have that color

The biggest cause of this cold is vaginitis There are various kinds and causes Let me explain some common diseases About 50% of the mass is bacterial vaginitis

I told you that there are normal lactobacillus inside, and two days of lactobacillus preventing invasion or reproduction of other bacteria If more than 90 percent of the people in the vagina have lactobacillus, it doesn’t matter But if the bacteria in the vagina are more than 100 times larger than normal drugs, you get bacterial infections

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