The reason why the appearance of the 164km monster Yomiuri

The reason why the appearance of the 164km monster Yomiuri is particularly attracting attention


Sasaki Loki (21, Chiba Lotte), the “maximum speed 164km monster,” will start hunting for six wins of the season against the Yomiuri Giants on the 3rd.

Japanese media outlets are focusing on Sasaki’s first appearance in the Yomiuri match.

Japanese media are excited that Sasaki is making a craze and is dealing with the most prestigious club. And there is one more thing to see. It is the home run competition.

As of the 2nd, Yomiuri is the most home run team in the Central League.

The team’s batting average is 0.241, which is not very high, but he is the sole No. 1 with 62 home runs. There are six differences from second-place Hiroshima.

Okamoto, the fourth batter, is ranked first in the team with 15, and Maru and Walker are hitting 11 each.

Walker, in particular, has been hitting home runs in three consecutive games.

In baseball, home runs can come out at any time. It is difficult to make news just by hitting a home run.

Sasaki is different. He is a player who can make news with just a home run. This is because he has not allowed a single home run yet.

Sasaki had 33 hits during a total of 61 innings this season, but did not give up a single home run. Japanese media are paying keen attention to how far Sasaki’s no-homer march will continue.

Yomiuri is the best team to gauge Sasaki’s ability.

This is because he uses a stadium that hits a lot of home runs but is easy to hit home runs. The match between Sasaki and Yomiuri will be held at the Tokyo Dome.

Japanese media are showing great interest in whether Sasaki can endure with a no-win home run against players who hit a lot of home runs at a stadium where many home runs are made.

Sasaki is dominating Japanese professional baseball this season with a combination of light speed balls of up to 164 kilometers and fork balls of more than 150 kilometers 안전놀이터

Currently, they are engaged in an exchange match with the Central League teams. Last time, Hanshin held back the prestigious Central League team with six scoreless innings. This time, Yomiuri became the opponent.

Sasaki’s stock price is expected to rise further if it overcomes even the symbolic team called Yomiuri. On top of that, there is also a growing interest in whether he can not hit a home run.

Can Sasaki defeat Yomiuri without a home run? If the Yomiuri Shimbun collapses, a different reaction may come out from the previous one, which was a favorable review.

This season, the best hit product in Japanese professional baseball faced an opportunity and crisis to increase its merchantability. I’m curious about the result

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