Son Heung-min

The reason why Son Heung-min lost his world-class title

The reason why Son Heung-min lost his world-class title is different from the beginning of the season.

Son Heung-min

The British media’s assessment was cold. The evaluation of Son Heung-min (30) has changed sharply from the beginning of the season.

On the 11th (Korea Standard Time), British media <Give Me Sports> selected 15 ‘World Class’ players from the English Premier League (EPL). Son Heung-min, who raised his golden boot (scoring) last season, was not named.

Earlier, the media selected 19 EPL world-class players ahead of the season’s opening, and Son Heung-min was named at the time. Reasons for selecting Son Heung-min were cited as “the first Asian top scorer in EPL” and “Son Heung-min is recognized as Tottenham’s best player than existing Harry Kane.”

However, Son Heung-min’s name was not on the list announced this time. The reason was cold. The media said, “I naturally thought of Son Heung-min as a world-class player at the beginning of the season. However, he showed disappointment by scoring only four EPL goals. “As a result, I lost my world class title,” he explained.

Along with Son Heung-min, Cristiano Ronaldo was excluded from the world class. Ronaldo recently moved to Al Nasr after terminating his contract after mutual consultation due to an interview criticizing Manchester United and the coach just before the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup 파워볼사이트

The media’s newly selected EPL world-class players included Son Heung-min’s teammate Kane, Elling Holland, who leads the league with 21 goals, and Kevin De Bruyne, the league’s best midfielder. Mohamed Salado, who tied for top scorer with Son Heung-min last season, was included as usual.

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