The reason why anal pus comes out I can’t do that

The reason why anal pus comes out


I can’t do that, just like the anal secretion from the secretion doesn’t panic. If you feel anything secreted from the anus, pain, pain, or hotness about the anal disease, you should suspect the anal fistula. Did the anus spatula come out in any condition? It is an abscess that pierces a tunnel between the inside of the anus, the rectum, and the anus pus. It has a higher incidence of men than mainly women.

Anal pus caused by symptoms such as swelling and fever along with skin irritation around the anus can be treated. Sphincter damage requires quick diagnosis and surgical treatment because he cannot be allowed to treat an anal disease. Anal is a sensitive area because colon anal surgery and symptom visits appear. Please visit the nearest anal surgeon for an accurate diagnosis.

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