Song Hae

The late Song Hae Byul breaks up with the world’s

The late Song Hae Byul breaks up with the world’s longest-serving MC who became a Guinness Book of World Records

Song Hae

The world’s longest-serving MC left us. The late Song Hae, who has kept the “National Singing Contest” for 34 years, died at the age of 95.

According to the police on the 8th, the late Song Hae died at his home that day.

Song Hae has been hospitalized and discharged repeatedly due to health problems since January. In March, he recovered his health after being confirmed with COVID-19 and self-quarantined, and in April, he showed off his robustness through KBS1’s National Singing Contest.

However, it was shocking to the public that there was a recent report that they had discussed getting off with the production team of “National Singing Contest” due to health problems. It was reported that he talked with the production team about dropping out of the program, but Song Hae’s close aide said, “We have a strong will to perform at the National Singing Contest.” It’s just a story, but I don’t want to quit the “National Singing Contest,” he said, dismissing the rumor.

Born in Hwanghae-do in 1927, Song Hae majored in vocal music at Haeju Arts School, and made his debut as the Changgong Theater Company in 1955.

Song Hae has been hosting the “National Singing Contest” since 1988 and has been keeping the program for 34 years. In recognition of this achievement, he received the Cultural Medal of the 8th Korea Entertainment Arts Award in 2001, the Archive Culture Medal in 2003, the 44th Baeksang Arts Award in 2008, and the Silver Culture Medal of the Korea Popular Culture and Arts Award in 2014.

In April, he was listed on the Guinness World Records as the “oldest TV music talent show host.” Through this, the period of the deceased’s “National Singing Contest” was recognized as the world’s best record, and the potential of Korean entertainment programs that produced the oldest host was also recognized

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