The effectiveness of taping techniques in sports massage is supported

The effectiveness of taping techniques in sports massage is


supported by various research results. The first of the taping effects is to limit the extent to which the joint can move when exercising. It makes the joint move within a safe range without injury. Next, taping has the effect of correcting and fixing affected tissues, so that you can prepare for the effectiveness of treatment and increase the effectiveness of treatment. And maintain skin condition through pressure. Taping also protects wounds from contamination such as dust and prevents wounds or injuries from occurring again. It’s one of the effects of taping to provide a sense of mental stability.

One thing to be careful about when taping is to use the tape for an appropriate length first. Align the line or angle of the body part to secure the tape as smooth and flat as possible without wrinkles. Because the body is curved, various difficulties arise when taping. At this time, it is important to maintain a natural state so that the tape does not bend or bend excessively.

When taping, the tape is overlapped and wound. When the tape covers the top of the tape again, make sure to overlap and wrap it around 1/2 to 1/3 of the width of the tape to prevent skin exposure. It’s a good idea to clean the area to be taped before taping. It is also necessary to keep your skin clean, and if your hair is more than usual, removing and taping your hair to some extent can increase the effectiveness of taping 부산출장마사지

By practicing taping several times, you can acquire the skills necessary for taping. If you keep various precautions in mind in advance, you can prevent problems. If symptoms such as pain or allergies occur, it is recommended to look back and check the taping process. After taping, check whether the body is circulating well through the color or temperature of the skin. And you can check for nerve pressure through whether the area feels numb and paralyzed.

Taping also serves to limit the range of motion of the body, but it is also recommended to make sure that unnecessary restrictions are not imposed. It is recommended to test a little after taping to see if the joint movement is uncomfortable. And when taping for treatment or recycling, taping is maintained as much as necessary, but if you use taping techniques for sports events or training, it is recommended to remove the taping after exercise to relax your body. Taping for exercise is taping for a short time.

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