The cruel video of the shock of the prosecution office’s storage

The cruel video of the shock of the prosecution office’s storage was released exclusively by CGV in February.


Video footage (aka Marui Video), which should never be leaked from the underground data room of the prosecution office, will be obtained through CGV and released exclusively in February.

CGV, which exclusively obtained the video “Marui Video,” which contains records related to the video banned from leaking, decided to release the theater in February 2023 and released related images.

The released image is a camera frame that reflects inside the underground cabinet of the prosecution office. While the identity of the mysterious videos accumulated on and on is causing curiosity, the red seal, which means a ban on leakage, and the tape name reading “Dongseongjang Murder Case 1992” create a cool feeling.

“Marui Video” is a slang for a video that should not be leaked to the outside world due to the high level of violence and cruelty among the evidence videos related to the murder. The video will focus on the undisclosed incident in the “Marui Video” that has not been released.

Marui Video, which records a bizarre case log chasing videos that should never be leaked stored in the prosecutor’s office’s basement data room, will be released exclusively at CGV in February.

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