T1, will he succeed in revenge against RNG in the MSI final?

T1, will he succeed in revenge against RNG in the MSI final?


T1 and Royal Never Give Up (RNG) will face off at the 2022 LOL World Cup knock-out stage at the Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater in New York City, New York, on the 22nd.

The traditional powerhouses representing each league, T1 and RNG, have already faced each other in important ways in numerous competitions, including the LOL World Cup.

The most recent showdown was the mid-season Invitational (MSI) final held in Busan last spring.

At that time, T1 lost to RNG after a full set.

AI predicted T1 as the winner of the match between the two teams that met again in the quarterfinals of the 2022 LOL World Cup.

It is predicted that T1 will win with a probability of 67.85% to 32.42%. It seems to be a result of reflecting the performance shown in the group stage.

Despite being tied to formidable opponents such as Edward Gaming (EDG), Fnatic, and Cloud 9 (C9), T1 succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals with good results of 5 wins and 1 loss.

In particular, they proved their strength by winning two consecutive victories against defending champion EDG.

On the other hand, RNG finished the first round with three wins, but in the second round, it was less than the first round.

In particular, he lost twice against Gen.G e-sports, and in the last tie break, he was helplessly defeated and exposed to anxiety.

Attention is focusing on whether T1 will be able to surpass RNG and advance to the semifinals for the second consecutive year with revenge on the MSI final as AI predicted.

Jingdong Gaming and Rogue will play the LOL World Cup quarterfinals first on the 21st.

LPL 1 seed Jingdong showed a solid team color that was not easily defeated by his unique strong fighting skills and movement to accurately understand their combination concepts.

Rogue was the only one who succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals in the LOL World Cup, where Western teams were sluggish overall, protecting their pride.

AI predicted that the team would win the game.

He predicted Jingdong’s victory with a high probability of 83.73%.

It seems that the difference in power between the two teams that were revealed in the group stage played a big role.

As in the LPL, Jingdong took the top spot in the group with his concentration and ability to hit and hit in the second half.

Rogue, on the other hand, performed well in the first round, but was shaken by one win and three losses in the second round, including a tie break. 토토사이트

Attention is focusing on whether Jingdong will successfully advance to the semifinals of the LOL Cup by easily winning against Rogue as AI predicted, or Rogue will collapse the LPL No. 1 seed by writing a miracle drama.

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