Symptoms and Self-Diagnosis of uterine myoma

Symptoms and Self-Diagnosis of uterine myoma


We’re going to talk about the major symptoms associated with uterine myoma uterine adenomyosis, and we’re going to talk about the self-awareness symptoms that we can check The major symptoms of adenomyopathy, uterine myoma, may be a little similar First, if the amount of menstruation suddenly increases, anemia may occur, and if the previous menstrual pain suddenly worsens, the constipation may gradually get worse, or the symptoms may not be cool even if you urinate frequently

In the case of adenomyosis, pelvic pain or insanity can occur, or numbness can occur in the fruit side, and there are people who come before menstruation, and there are cases where sexual traffic occurs in a marital relationship, or pelvic pain continues without knowing the cause In such cases, you are more likely to suspect adenomyosis than positivity First of all, when you suddenly think of it, you have to suspect if you bleed the most or if you’re not alive, and if you have a menstrual pain that gets worse as you get older, you have to suspect uterine myoma

Frequent urination is a common symptom of uterine myoma

Cervical adenomyosis is often severe in menstrual pain. It is difficult to live a daily life on a birthdayMany people say that they have to leave the emergency room because Su-ae is so bad that she can’t even commute to work. Because of the amount of menstruation, they even have to find a job for a baby’s neck diaperDepending on the situation, there are people who wet their blankets at night Symptoms are often worse than myoma

In addition, pelvic pain and back pain occur before menstruation, so it lasts for almost a few days after menstruation, and the pain in the relationship is severe, so recently, it is not possible to have a relationship There are people like this, too

In addition, there are many cases where you have numbness in your legs or a lumbar disc symptom, so you go to see a doctor at your back, and see an obstetrics and gynecology clinic after seeing that there is no problem In principle, women who have experience in obstetrics and gynecology should check it once a year You can check and prevent shellfish for cervical cancer as well as other diseases

You have to come if your period is excessive or your menstrual pain suddenly gets worse. Since then, you have a lot of menstruation. Even though anemia is serious, you don’t think you have a lot of menstruation Compared to other people, there are a lot of people who think it’s appropriate even though they have a lot of menstruation It’s hard to make this easy to compare, but there are many cases like health check-ups and school check-ups 비아센터

If you’re diagnosed with anemia, you’ll have to see 3 million people

Pelvic pain, back pain, and pelvic pain persists Just before menstruation If your colleague suddenly gets constipated suddenly, if you touch something hard like a lump in your abdomen, you must come to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic and check for uterus or ovaries

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