Suzy did a good job A minor physical relationship fraud

Suzy did a good job A minor physical relationship fraud and even marriage


She is a “evil” who enjoyed secret relationships with teachers as a minor and succeeded in getting a job as well as getting married by falsifying her name and academic background, but naturally supports her when she sees the detailed change in emotions. At the center was Su-ji, who led the center of the play with a deep passionate performance.

The Coupang Play series “Anna” is a story of a woman who started a completely different person’s life with a trivial lie, and is based on Jeong Han-ah’s feature novel “Close Stranger.” Suzy played Anna (Yumi), the title role of the play.

In the first and second episodes released on the 24th, Yumi, who spent her immature school days with excellent looks and bright hair despite difficult family circumstances, was betrayed by people, confronted with reality, angry at the contempt of vested interests, and immersed herself in her story.

Yumi, who was born to a father of a tailor who runs a small tailor shop and a mother who couldn’t speak, was a child who had to pay money to get back at ballet and go to a competition to get back at her poor friend. On top of that, he has a secret relationship with a music teacher and continues a close relationship.

However, his life plummeted in an instant when his love affair with a teacher was discovered. “It’s common for a student to like a teacher, but it’s a problem that there was a physical relationship,” the music teacher denied the relationship, saying in front of Yumi, who couldn’t speak. As a result, the music teacher was suspended, but Yumi was forced to transfer and was greatly hurt by her lover’s betrayal.

After that, Yumi’s life began to get twisted. In Seoul, where he ran away four months before the college entrance exam, there was no way he could take the college entrance exam properly. He failed to get to the university he wanted, but couldn’t bring himself to tell his father, so he lied that he had passed, and the little lie snowballed.

He pretended to be a student and even worked in the editorial department, fell in love with a prestigious university student at the General Assembly, and asked his father for a large amount of money to study abroad in New York. However, just before leaving the country, he was found to have lied and separated, and even his father passed away, facing a great ordeal.

As a result, Yumi’s false life stopped for a while, but the world was not easy for Yumi, a high school graduate. Hyun-joo (played by Jung Eun-chae), who accidentally got a job at a collection editing shop dealing with imported furniture, met her rich parents, and the contempt and verbal abuse from her father awakened Yumi, and stole Hyun-joo’s passport, degree certificate, and money to run away at night.

Yumi, who became Anna, started as an academy instructor, continued to become a lifelong education instructor at a university, and succeeded in marrying Ji-hoon (Kim Joon-han), CEO of the self-made IT industry. However, everything piled up with lies while accidentally encountering Hyun-joo in the elevator was on the verge of collapse.

Objectively speaking, Yumi is a so-called ‘cheater’. She got a fake degree and got a job under her name, so she hired a part-time job as a parent and even got married fraudfully. Full of vanity and brazen to the point of no guilt in lying. Nevertheless, the reason why Yumi and Anna cannot be cursed was due to Suzy’s performance, which perfectly expresses the changing character through various emotions from teenagers to 30s along with music.

Su-ji, who realistically expressed the anxiety she experienced from her innocent school days to becoming a social worker who became more and more intimidated by reality and lost vitality. Suzy’s gorgeous visuals, which is said to have worn about 150 outfits, are another point to watch.

Suzy has shown stable acting skills in various works, but in “Anna,” Suzy was a new face that she had not shown before. As a result, favorable reviews have continued since the first week of the broadcast, and he has already been mentioned as a “life character.” This is why expectations are high for Suzy’s performance in “Anna,” which will lead to a more unconventional development with Hyun-joo.

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