Spider-Man Remastered, Hot Reaction [PC]

Spider-Man Remastered, Hot Reaction [PC]


Marvel Spider-Man Remastered (hereinafter referred to as “Spider-Man Remastered”) transplanted into a PC is receiving a hot response from users. More than four years have passed since its first release, but most users seem to be enjoying a game experience that is not lacking in the current generation.

Four days after its release on August 12, “Spider-Man Remastered” is receiving positive reviews from 96% of 12,000 reviewers on the Steam platform. It corresponds to ‘overwhelmingly positive’ which is the highest level in the steam evaluation system.

In the case of console works transplanted into a PC, such as “Spider-Man Remastered,” technical problems such as game performance, bugs, and keyboard/mouse compatibility greatly affect the initial evaluation. Spider-Man Remastered is well received in this regard. Looking at the user evaluation, it can be seen that several users have experienced stable performance even in a relatively low-spec environment.

This is also what the production team directly mentioned in the interview before release. The development team said, “Because it is optimized to play games on Steam Deck, we can play games in most PC environments.”

The popularity of the game is indirectly confirmed by the number of concurrent users. Since its release, the maximum number of simultaneous users of ‘Spider-Man Remastered’ has been 66,436. The figure is not low for a single-play game. In the case of the “God of War” PC version, which was considered a box office success, it recorded up to 73,529 people.

On the other hand, it is interesting because there are voices calling for the “next transplant.” It is interpreted as a positive response to the success of PS-turned-implants such as “Ragnarok” and “Spider-Man Remastered.” Users are leaving reviews asking them to hurry to release PCs for PS exclusive games such as “Bloodborn,” “Ghost of Tsushima,” and “Uncharted.”

There is also a critical view. Some media outlets say they should look at the game calmly in light of their past competitors. This is especially true considering that it is being sold at “Full Price” even though it is a remake.

British media Metro Game Central said, “There have been disadvantages since the original release in 2018, and now, more excellent hero games have been released. Therefore, it is a title that is difficult to recommend to buy at such a high price.”

Another media outlet, Rock Paper Shotgun, said, “It’s a great game full of fun and maintained the charm of the original,” but added, “Some of the fill-in content feels old as of 2018. He also pointed out that it is compared to his own sequel (Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales).

However, overall, professional reviewers are also enjoying the game. There are many reviewers who appreciate the rich and solid fun of the game and the excellent transplantation that supports it. Based on the rating comprehensive site “Open Critique,” the expert rating of “Spider-Man Remastered” is 87 points and the recommended rate is 96%. 토토사이트

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