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South Korean minor leaguer St. Louis debuts as a candidate

South Korean minor leaguer St. Louis debuts as a candidate for LG’s top name

South Korean

Another Korean minor leaguer made his official professional debut. Cho Won-bin (19) is the main character.

Cho Won-bin, a minor leaguer outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, played as the third-designate hitter in a game against the FCL team under the Washington Nationals of the Florida Complex League (FCL) on the 19th (Korea Standard Time).

The Florida Complex League is at the level of the minor league rookie league, and in addition to the Florida Complex League, there is the Arizona Complex League. Cho Won-bin made his official professional debut with the rookie team under St. Louis. Cho Won-bin also released a photo of his debut hit on his SNS account. The Rookie League usually opens in June, and Cho Won-bin played for the first time on the day. “STL Sports Page GotCom” explained in a report on the 19th, “Cho Won-bin hit a fence while trying to catch the ball during spring camp training and suffered a rib injury, which prevented him from entering the lineup at the beginning of the opening 토토사이트

It’s a meaningful start. Cho Won-bin, a graduate of Whimoon Middle School and Seoul Convention High School, was a leading candidate for the first place name in Seoul last year. He has been one of the prominent fielders since high school, and some predicted that the LG Twins would name Cho Won-bin as the first. In 2020, when he was a sophomore in high school, he also won the World Power Showcase Home Run Derby in Texas.

Cho Won-bin later expressed his willingness to challenge the Major League, and eventually chose to leave the U.S. instead of joining the KBO club. And in January, St. Louis officially announced the contract with Cho Won-bin. St. Louis is a team that has had several ties with Korean players. Recently, Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung) and Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG) played as major leaguers in St. Louis. Starting with his rookie league debut, Cho Won-bin will take on a full-fledged challenge to the Major League.

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