Son Dam-bi

Son Dam-bi finally opened her mouth That’s possible

Son Dam-bi finally opened her mouth That’s possible

Son Dam-bi

For the first time since Woo So-yi was suspected of so-called “disengagement” for not attending her best friend Son Dam-bi’s wedding.

Soyee left a message on her Instagram on the 18th, saying, “That’s possible.”

At the same time, he drew attention by releasing a photo of himself walking in a place that looks like a park. In the picture, Soyee is wearing a sky blue dress and showing off her lovely charm.

Judging from his addition of slate-shaped and camera-shaped emoticons and his hashtag of a film production company’s SNS account, it is presumed that he is filming a movie.

It is the first time since the 12th that Soyee uploaded a post on SNS. In particular, it is the first SNS activity since Son Dam-bi’s wedding on the 13th, drawing attention. At that time, Gong Hyo-jin, and Jeong Ryeo-won, including Soyee, were embroiled in a so-called “hand-cutting theory” that their relationship may have become estranged from before because they did not attend their best friend Son Dam-bi’s wedding.

However, as it was belatedly revealed that Jeong Ryeo-won was filming a drama in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, on the day of the wedding, and traces of Gong Hyo-jin leaving a “like” in Son Dam-bi’s wedding-related video, the “no-nonsense” seems to have ended.

Son Dam-bi also said, “There’s so much nonsense on such a good day. I hope you don’t misunderstand because it’s not true at all,” he said on SNS, indirectly denying some rumors of discord.

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