Smile The true value of a smile that we forget.

The true value of a smile that we forget.


Some people say that smiles are pretentious. However, people tend to like people who often smile at themselves. A true smile is a tool that positively influences others and an act that makes oneself happy.

the value of a smile
Smile is an expression of happiness and a source of electroencephalogy. When smiling, the brain sends a signal that has a positive effect on our bodies. And chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins released from excited neurons stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions, making you feel bright and positive.

Also, smiles have the effect of reducing stress. When a person encounters a stressful situation, his or her ability to solve problems decreases. However, smiling reduces hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline associated with stress. According to a study, a person who smiles often has a higher level of problem-solving ability than a person who doesn’t.
Be more open-minded.
Studies show that people tend to find more reliable people. The reason is that people are naturally trying to find someone who is more intimate and delivers happiness to them. Smiles and laughter make people closer and closer.

Dr. Marty Nemko, a psychological counselor and one of the best career coaches in Auckland, U.S., advises that “it may be tricky depending on the person, but it’s better to show off the sense of humor that you hid when you were talking to someone.” Dr. Marty Nemko added, “You shouldn’t try too hard to be a funny person.” According to Dr. Marty Nemko’s advice, light puns, funny anecdotes or funny jokes learned on the Internet are enough to put a smile on the lips of the conversator.

When you talk to someone, it’s also good to find a reason to laugh with them in the conversation. For example, if a friend tells a joke that is too boring, or if he comes out in ridiculous clothes, he or she laughs and enjoys it rather than laughs, then he or she can have a healthier relationship.
Let’s smile at my mistakes sometimes.
Johnny Carson, a famous American comedy actor and the longest-serving host of the legendary talk show, used to laugh at his jokes that no one else laughed at. In particular, Johnny Carson used to make self-expressing jokes and laugh for example, “Is this microphone on?”

This is a strategy currently used by U.S. news hosts to make mistakes flexible. American news hosts sometimes giggle briefly and laugh at their mistakes when they are twisted or mistaken.

If it is difficult to smile or smile, stand in front of the mirror and practice until the smile muscles on your face remember. There are times when modern people are stingy with laughter and smiles. Especially now that we have lost our composure due to the prolonged coronavirus, we will be able to overcome the current situation more wisely if we laugh a lot for ourselves and others.

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