Six effects of quitting flour! Amazing effects!

Six effects of quitting flour! Amazing effects!


There are few nutrients such as gluten and carbohydrates in flour, but they are not recommended to eat due to unhealthy ingredients.
Especially, modern people suffer from a variety of symptoms such as bloated stomach, indigestion, a surge in blood sugar levels, and weight gain due to frequent consumption of flour, so it is recommended to reduce flour intake for health care.

So, what are some changes in our bodies that occur when we stop eating flour?

1. Weight loss effect

It’s no exaggeration to say that the biggest reason why many people quit flour (bread, hamburgers, ramen, etc.) is to lose weight (diet). Flour is basically a high calorie ingredient. In particular, flour with high carbohydrate content has a high rate of conversion to fat when consumed, so if you reduce your intake, you can expect a weight loss effect.

2. Skin beauty effect

Foods such as bread, pizza, and ramen contain not only flour but also various additives, which can cause acne, dry skin, and skin trouble. So if you reduce your intake or stop eating, you can prevent skin trouble and expect to improve your skin.

3. Effect of reducing appetite

Flour has high calories. However, even if the calories are high, most of them turn into blood sugar and quickly become hungry over time. So if you change your diet to Korean food and meat rather than eating foods that contain flour, your appetite may decrease more than usual.

4. Effects of indigestion improvement

Wheat, the main ingredient of flour, can interfere with bowel movements and cause indigestion. So reducing intake or stopping intake can improve indigestion, bloated symptoms, constipation, etc.

5. Efficacy to prevent adult diseases

Flour containing high levels of sodium and cholesterol along with high calories is likely to lead to adult diseases. So if you stop eating flour, you can prevent adult diseases.

6. Bone Health

Sodium is a necessary ingredient for our body, but it also plays a bad role in bone health when consumed in large quantities. However, since flour contains more sodium than recommended intake, it is recommended to reduce intake for bone health.

You cannot enumerate all the effects of flour cutting. But it’s something we all know that we need to cut down on flour for our health. Therefore, please be aware that it is for your body to refrain from eating flour as much as possible for your health.

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