Singer Ha Sung-Woon

Singer Ha Sung-Woon, surprise gift while serving in the military…

Singer Ha Sung-Woon, surprise gift while serving in the military…The new song “Snowy Stars” will be released on the 8th.

Singer Ha Sung-woon prepared a special gift for his fans while serving in the military.

Singer Ha Sung-Woon

Singer Ha Sung-woon will release a new digital single “Snowy Stars” (Snowy Stars) on the 8th to commemorate the birth day of his fandom HA:NEUL.

The agency Big Planet Made Entertainment released a coming-soon image on Ha Sung-woon’s official SNS at midnight on the 1st to announce the release of “Snowy Stars.” The coming-soon image consists of a cozy illustration containing snow. Here, Ha Sung-woon’s name, the song name of the new digital single “Snowy Stars,” and the release date and time of “2023. 2. 8. 12PM (KST)” are written to add warmth.

“Snowy Stars” is a song that Ha Sung-woon finished recording before joining the army. Ha Sung-woon, who joined the active military in October last year, prepared “Snowy Stars” in advance to steadily convey warmth to fans.

In particular, the 8th is all the more meaningful because it is the “Haneul Birthday,” the day when the fandom HA:NEUL, which means that they are always with Ha Sung-woon, was born.

Ha Sung-woon’s constant love for fans creates warmth even during the hiatus caused by military service. Ha Sung-woon has continued to give surprise gifts to fans by releasing live clip videos of his 7th mini-album “Daylight” on November 29 last year in time for the completion date of the training center. This time, attention is drawn to Ha Sung-woon’s special message to be included in his new song “Snowy Stars.”

Ha Sungwoon, a solo artist with solid skills and unique sensibility, released his seventh mini-album “Strange World” last year and performed the cable channel tvN drama “Our Blues” OST “With You” as a duet with BTS Jimin. Currently, he is serving in the military faithfully as an active soldier in the army.

Singer Ha Sung-woon’s new digital single “Snowy Stars” will be released on various online music sites at noon on the 8th.

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