Side Effects of Noise Net Surgery The surgery I’ve been doing

Side Effects of Noise Net Surgery


The surgery I’ve been doing the most these days is “Noise Sun” surgery Noise-based surgery is relatively simple, but it can change a lot before and after, or you can go to bed late, so it’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs If you’re worried about side effects because of side effects, you might have some side effects, and if you’re worried about them, I’m not sure if you’re scared that there’s anything you can handle or if I’

I hope you can check that out The most common side effect of noise net surgery is your dissatisfaction, and the wind results you’ve been expecting are different What I expected was this shape, and I thought it should be like this, but the results are not up to that. Most of the time, it’s a correction for asymmetry. Let’s assume that I had surgery to fit both sides. If you do surgery on both sides, you can do it to a certain extent. But the noise order itself is very big

For those who need it, the thickness is different on both sides. So even if you use the second side, it might feel a bit thick on one side It doesn’t start at the same place. One side may start at the heat and end at the bottom. One side may not be able to fit perfectly. But I can adjust it to make it look similar from the outside. But if I have surgery on one side, it’s hard to fit So we’re going to make the side we’ve operated into a cosmetic ideal shape, but then you might start off a little off the other side One of the guys who recently had surgery, he had one surgery a few years ago

But I like you, and I like your composition, but the other side that didn’t have any problems was constantly bothering me, so there were people who came to have surgery again That’s how you’re dissatisfied with asymmetry, or you’re blocking what you expected. I wanted the noise sequence to disappear completely, but it’s not If that’s the case, you didn’t say it enough beforehand If you talk about what you want, what watch you want, what you expect, and what you want, please tell me clearly, and I can stop talking about it It’s a clock that will get results like this You can hear the explanation There are times when your expectations are unrealistic I can’t adjust this part There’s a limit It’s different if you know this and go in

So, you can be the biggest dissatisfied person You’re doing surgery to improve certain discomfort in order to be pretty, but if that doesn’t improve after surgery, you’ll be disappointed. The first problem is that the surgery is based on the food. After surgery, the shape should be like wings, but there are people who do it unevenly In that case, the surgical instrument itself uses a poem that’s too thick to put the surface in a dream. If that happens, the meat can get a scar So, I had surgery to make Sogeumsoon look pretty, but it’s a bumpy cat Then, because of that, you have to re-surgery the most But you said it was based on the surgical procedure So it depends on what kind of poem you use and how you forget about it

In my case, I use the thread that melts. I use it to see if it’s really thin. I’m going to have surgery on the inside. I need to minimize the exposure to the outside. But if I use this product a few years ago, it leaves a lot of scars and doesn’t look pretty So I had this experience in the past. When I first learned the sauce, I was taught to suture one by one So if you sew the skin separately, there’s a thread that goes into that area

Then, it will look puffy. If you pull out the thread early, it won’t look like an older brother. It may vary depending on your reaction, but if you put it in your dream, it doesn’t matter much. But I said, “Let’s pull out the thread 3 days later.” There are 3 lines Everyone else’s part was sticking out and that part was dented. It became so ugly. I was so upset after watching it. How upset would that person be? So if there’s a thread outside, I know it’s the period, but you have to pick it out in 3 to 7 days If you keep the threads together for too long,

You have to have an older brother there So if you had surgery with no threads, you have to come at the right time. Otherwise, you can experience excessive scars The rest are the side effects of normal surgery Sogeumsoon is very soft and weak So, after surgery, even if the treatment is geothermal, it can lead to edema, swelling, and now I’m fat It depends on the person There are people who don’t get stuck, but people who get stuck get swollen to the point where they feel uncomfortable sitting down So, it can be a problem if it sticks and the pain that comes from it can be a problem The pain doesn’t last long There are people who said that the surgery didn’t hurt at all and that it didn’t hurt at all 비아그라구입

It’s rare for those people. Usually, it hurts for about two days. If it’s long, it’s three times. So, during the fixed period, you’ll see the condition once a week. If the suture is around, it’ll remove a little. If you look at it a week later, the swelling will be gone If it’s about two weeks, you can think of it as completely losing weight The other thing is the infection of the wound, which means that the toothbrushing noise will come There could be a problem with the area being slightly inflamed or slightly spread out If you take care of those areas and get disinfection regularly, it’ll be solved within a week. But if you’re not immune to it,

If you don’t do it often, there are times when you don’t You might have a hard time because of that, but the noise level isn’t very fast. I’m going to squeeze it in for a long time after surgery, do excessive exercise, come early, and it’s not hygienic at all. Unless you’re not, you can control it like that way It doesn’t last that long It’s a short period of time, and the pain won’t last for a long time, so most people use the weekend to get surgery. So I rest at home on Saturday and Sunday when I’m sick

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