Shooting training is sold out. Freddie of Konkuk University

Shooting training is sold out. Freddie of Konkuk University is coming back scared


Freddie is working on his shooting training.

Konkuk University finished seventh with seven wins and seven losses in the 2022 KUSF University Basketball U-League, and then beat Yonsei University and Kyung Hee University in the playoffs to advance to the championship match. Although he knelt down 63-74 to Korea University, he achieved his first university league runner-up finish.

One of the driving forces behind Konkuk University’s best 2022 is Freddie’s performance.

Freddie played an average of 35 minutes and 45 seconds in the college league, scoring 20.7 points, 15.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists, and 1.3 blocks.

It is the first time in the university league that started in 2010 to have an average of 20 points and 15 rebounds.

Freddie showed off his presence more than in the regular league with an average of 19.7 points, 22.0 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks in three games, including 20-20 in two consecutive games in the playoffs.

Freddie, who is taking steps to settle down in Korea, also renewed his passport, which was scheduled to close in January 2023.

Each university will have time to freely focus on training from mid-October after the National Sports Festival to the end of December when new students are decided.

Each university has a different training method. Some universities continue their team training as it is, and some universities leave it completely to players. Konkuk University tends to allow players to fill their own shortcomings, such as attending skill training.

Freddie devoted himself to shooting training during this time.

Konkuk University coach Moon Hyuk-joo said, “Freddy is steadily training shooting,” adding, “I sometimes get contacted. It’s a training where I’m practicing shooting. I was practicing shooting and asked to see how my form was. Sometimes the steps are inaccurate, but I’m proud of it. “Other players should work harder like Freddie,” he said.

Freddie, who usually scored under the goal, will be a more difficult player to prevent if he even wears a jumper 메이저사이트

Freddie, who hopes to play on the KBL stage through naturalization in Korea, is building his skills on the college stage.

Konkuk University plans to spend winter in Jeju Island and Japan in preparation for 2023

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