Shin Sekyung's

Shin Sekyung’s eyes are shining brightly As expected

Shin Sekyung’s eyes are shining brightly As expected, she’s a goddess and pure beauty

Shin Sekyung's

Actress Shin Se-kyung shared her recent status.

On the 19th, Shin Se-kyung posted several photos and videos on her personal SNS, along with the article “In Gyeongju.”

In the photo, Shin Se-kyung is shooting a commercial. In particular, Shin Se-kyung, who shows off her innocent charm with her shoulders slightly exposed, catches the eyes of viewers.

Meanwhile, Shin Se-kyung will return for the first time in a long time with the second season of the “Aramun Sword: Arthdal Chronicles.” “Aramun Sword” is set in the world about eight years after the Asdal ruler Tagorn took the throne

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