Shin Se-kyung

Shin Se-kyung brags about IU’s gift…

Shin Se-kyung brags about IU’s gift… “Thank you for the food.”

Shin Se-kyung

Actor Shin Se-kyung showed off the food truck sent by singer IU.

Shin Sekyung said on her Instagram on the 6th, “Thank you for the meal. Hehe bragging feed,” he posted several photos with the phrase.

The released photo showed Shin Sekyung wearing a long padded jacket taking a photo leaning on the promotional material that came with a rice car. The promotional material says, “I support Team 2 of Arthdal Chronicles and Shin Se-kyung.” It contains the phrase ‘IU Dream’. The two created a sense of satisfaction through their warm friendship.

Netizens responded by saying, “You’re refreshing,” “I’m eating with a smile, and you’re so cute.” “Se-kyung, you’re so innocent, beautiful, and pretty.” And always have fun and be happy.” “Two pretty people.” “I support your friendship.”

Meanwhile, Shin Sekyung has been confirmed to be cast in season 2 of tvN’s new drama “Arthdal Chronicles.” Season 2 of “Arthdal Chronicles” aims to air in 2023.

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