Shin Jung-hwan

Shin Jung-hwan of “Gambling and Dengueyeol.

Shin Jung-hwan of “Gambling and Dengueyeol” was selected as the lead role in the web drama, saying, “You’re not going to be an actor.” [Style issue]

Shin Jung-hwan

Singer and broadcaster Shin Jung-hwan explained about his appearance in the web drama, saying, “It is not an actor.”
Shin Jung-hwan said on the 6th, “I participated without hesitation because it was a unique story and character that I did for the first time when I was offered a good rest,” adding, “I had fun filming with the appearance and staff.” He then asked, “I’m never going to enter as an actor, so please take it lightly.”

On the 4th, on the YouTube channel Hwagok-dong Blues, “Exclusive! Shin Jung Hwan made a mistake again?’, Two teaser videos were released under the title “Shin Jung-hwan! He’s here again without dying!” The video showed Shin Jung-hwan, who played the role of Angel’s new chief of reporting in the web drama “Hwagok-dong Blues.”

Hwagok-dong Blues is a web sitcom that depicts various episodes taking place at karaoke with Shin (Shin Jung-hwan`s at the center. Earlier, Shin Jung-hwan`s challenged himself to act as a supporting role in the SBS drama “Yojo Lady” in 2003.

Meanwhile, Shin caused a stir in 2010 by gambling on overseas expedition At the time, he claimed to have been infected with dengue fever in the Philippines to hide gambling, but was criticized for being false. Since then, he has appeared on Mnet’s “Project S: Devil’s Talent Donation” in 2017, JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in 2018, and TV Chosun’s “Vocal Era” in 2022 to show his willingness to return to broadcasting.

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