Shim Hyung

Shim Hyung-tak’s four-year relationship with a Japanese

Shim Hyung-tak’s four-year relationship with a Japanese woman in July resulted

Shim Hyung

Actor Shim Hyung-tak is getting married.

In July, Shim Hyung-tak will reveal her anger with a Japanese woman who has been dating for four years. The two are reportedly planning to hold a wedding ceremony in Japan first and then in Korea.

Shim Hyung-tak and his bride-to-be date back four years. Shim Hyung-tak, who was usually interested in animation and figures, visited Japan for broadcast recording and met a bride-to-be who was an employee of a famous local toy company. Shim Hyung-tak’s aide hinted, “The conversation naturally came and went based on common interests, and after that, Shim Hyung-tak developed into a lover against the good heart and extraordinary consideration of the bride-to-be.”

Shim Hyung-tak and his bride-to-be also had difficult times during the pandemic caused by COVID-19, when the sky road between the two countries was blocked and they could not meet often. However, it is rumored that during this period, the couple formed a relationship after confirming each other’s strong hearts. The aide said, “It is said that if you get out of sight, you can get out of mind, but the two were against it. “We encouraged and missed each other from a long distance and developed a loving heart, and after the pandemic ended, we started preparing for marriage in earnest,” he added.

Shim Hyung-tak plans to reveal the marriage process to a bride-to-be through the TV Chosun entertainment show “Joseon’s Lover.” It is known that a bride-to-be is traveling between Korea and Japan to prepare for the wedding and has been filming from time to time.

Meanwhile, Shim Hyung-tak is an actor who has been building solid filmography for 25 years by participating in more than 30 films since his debut in 1998. Recently, he appeared in tvN dramas ‘Melting Me’ and OCN ‘Times’. He also showed off his unique talent through various entertainment programs such as “Infinite Challenge” and “I Live Alone.”

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