Seolhyun you don’t know anything about golf

Seolhyun you don’t know anything about golf, but golf wear is perfect


Seol-hyun posted on her Instagram on the 9th, “I don’t know anything about golf, but I want to go out on the field.” He posted several photos with the article, “Woo Runny, President of Whitening, is a big hit.”

In the photo released, Seol-hyun shows off her slim figure in several golf wear. In particular, slim legs attract attention.

Contrary to the article “I don’t know anything about golf,” Seol-hyun is wearing golf wear.

Meanwhile, Seol-hyun is starring in the tvN drama ‘The Murder’s Shopping List’ with actress Lee Kwang-soo. “Murderer’s Shopping List” is a super (market) comic investigation drama in which mart presidents, cashiers, and patrol officers deduce mysterious murders in ordinary neighborhoods with clues. Seol-hyun plays Do Ah-hee.

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