Seol Kyung-gu

Seol Kyung-gu, “Middle-end? Don’t turn it in..

Seol Kyung-gu, “Middle-end? Don’t turn it in the middle.” Hwang Jung-min reinterpreted a new term (ghost movie talk)

Seol Kyung-gu

Seol Kyung-gu gave a big laugh in the newly coined word game with the movie Ghost team.

On Naver NOW., which aired on Jan. 4, ‘Ghost’ Movie Talk was held.

Seol Kyung-gu, Lee Ha-nui, Park So-dam, Park Hae-soo, Seo Hyun-woo, and Lee Hae-young, who appeared on the show, played a game to match the meaning of new words in two teams.

When “Godsaeng” and “Calbak” came out as the first questions, Park Hae-soo showed off her strange charm with “Newly Born and Living, Calendar Stuffed.” Seo Hyun-woo answered, “Living a successful life, keeping a calendar,” and got the answer right.

The second question was “Middle-end horse.” Seol Kyung-gu said, “Don’t turn it in the middle, don’t turn it on in the middle,” making the actors and viewers who were watching the broadcast laugh. When Park Kyung-rim gave a hint, “Son Heung-min said this,” Seo Hyun-woo replied, “What’s important is a heart that doesn’t break,” which was unfortunately wrong.

Seol Kyung-gu once again smiled by answering, “What’s important is don’t break your heart.” When Park Kyung-rim gave additional hints with Seo Hyun-woo’s answer, Seol Kyung-gu`s answered, “What’s important is an unbroken heart.”

When “Wannae’s” and “H Warlv” were presented as the last questions, all the actors quickly noticed “Wannae’s (completely my style), but they did not notice the meaning of “H Warlv.” When Park Kyung-rim said, “I can see it if I stand the letters up,” he turned his head in unison and looked at the letters, but he didn’t notice them, and laughed, saying, “It’s a mess.” After the hint of “Thank you,” Seol Kyung-gu even shed tears from laughter and guessed “I love you.”

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