scar after eye stye incision Usually

scar after eye stye incision


Usually, when you put phlegm on, it’s inside the eye To prevent it from turning over or coming this way, I put an image on it from the inside. But if you have a sty and you know it for a week, the money comes out even if you make a hole. There’s no hole. You get hurt right away after a week When I go to Uijeongbu, I need to give it to them in advance. But the title works from the inside, so I don’t go out because they told me not to be angry. It’s because I have a sty and it hurts so much. But if the inflammation is severe, anesthesia doesn’t work well

There are times when I don’t use it right after I write it, and then I don’t eat it at home I think I’ll be a little late It means that the sebaceous glands are like we’re getting pimples. There might be times when we use too much oil. So if we use too much oil on the floor, that could happen again

Or, more often, you have to go to the hospital and give it a scratch if you have money left and it’s stuck there It costs about 15,000 won for a sty So, it goes back and forth If you take antibiotics and you don’t get rid of it, he could be gone in six months, but not a single year

So if it’s obvious, hard, and it doesn’t hurt anymore, that’s the only way, so it might be good to get rid of it at the eye doctor

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