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San Diego Broadcasting Authority Cancels Contract

San Diego Broadcasting Authority Cancels Contract Due to Failure to Pay Broadcasting Rights

San Diego

Kim Ha-sung’s contract for the broadcasting rights of the San Diego Padres will be canceled.

Citing sources on the 31st (Korea Standard Time), the “Sports Business Journal” said Diamond Sports Group, which holds the broadcasting rights of the Padres, will not pay broadcasting rights to the Padres club.

Diamond Sports Group also made the announcement in a statement

May 30th, local time, was the end of the grace period for the payment of broadcasting rights. Diamond Sports Group chose to break the broadcasting rights contract by not paying broadcasting rights fees.

Valley Sports San Diego, the host broadcaster of the Padres, will stop broadcasting after an away game against the Miami Marlins.

After that, the broadcast of the Padres game will be managed by the Major League Baseball Secretariat instead. According to ESPN, the game will be broadcast free of charge on MLB TV operated by the league secretariat until this week, and fans in San Diego will also be able to watch the broadcast online for a certain amount of money.

The Sports Business Journal said the league’s secretariat is also planning to directly contact cable TV operators such as Fubo, DirectTV, Cox and Charter to broadcast broadcast broadcasts.

Broadcasting performers, including game commentators, appear without change because they are contracted with the club, not the broadcasting station. On top of that, most of the relay production personnel will be joined by freelancers as before.

Padres had signed a $1.2 billion broadcasting rights contract with Diamond Sports for 20 years until 2032. The Sports Business Journal said the deal was a “team-friendly contract” that caused Diamond Sports Group to lose a lot of money. Diamond Sports Group also claimed in a statement that the deal was “not in line with the reality of the market.”

Diamond Sports Group, which holds broadcast rights contracts for 14 major league teams, including the Padres, filed for bankruptcy two months ago after failing to overcome environmental degradation such as excessive debt and a drop in cable TV viewers in the U.S.

The Padres became the first major league club to break their broadcasting rights contract since Diamond Sports Group filed for bankruptcy 안전놀이터

A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday local time, which will rule on Diamond Sports Group’s demand to reduce broadcasting fees to clubs such as the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Guardians due to market deterioration. In the case of San Diego, it was excluded from the list because the broadcaster included a stake in the club

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